Stilt Walker Malaysia


Futuristic LED

Step into the future with our Futuristic LED show! Witness a cutting-edge visual extravaganza that electrifies your event. Perfect for tech events, futuristic-themed parties, and innovative gatherings. Book now to illuminate your occasion!

LED Robot

Illuminate your event with our captivating LED Robot Stilt Walker! This interactive act is a photo magnet and a crowd-pleaser. It can even match your theme or corporate colors. Ideal for nightclubs, parties, launches, and festivals.

LED Luminous

Add a radiant touch to your event with our Luminous Stilt Walker! A dazzling sight that's perfect for photos and crowd interaction. Elevate your nightclubs, parties, launches, and festivals. Book now for luminous memories!

LED Female With Wings

Elevate your event with our LED female with wings! A mesmerizing spectacle that adds a touch of enchantment. Perfect for any occasion that deserves a touch of magic. Book now for an unforgettable experience!

Mirror Man

Turn your event into a dazzling spectacle with our Mirror Man! A shimmering performer that adds a touch of glamour and intrigue. Ideal for parties, galas, and special occasions. Book now for a captivating and reflective experience!

Was pleasure to have you again with us,
You are part of the Great British Circus Family and
thanks for the good show and help

Great British Circus

Thank you so much for your services
over Christmas, I was really happy
with everything

Legoland Malaysia

Our event came alive with the team's captivating fire dance performance. They handled everything from setup to cleanup with expertise and prioritized safety. Book them for a worry-free, memorable event!

Monash University Malaysia

Always on time, no fuss about special requests, and we go above and beyond. The team is hassle-free, performers top-notch. Thanks to the team for the WOW factor!

Creative Events Solution

SWM is the go-to performers in Malaysia. Their team is superb, and there's no need to micromanage – they know exactly

Lexis Hibiscus